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Out of Europe

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself", David Mitchell said. Do we need to get out of our house to find one's own European identity?

Memory Suitcase: Tunes With a Story

Do you know the proverb “The heavier the luggage the easier the journey”? Anna from Finland moved several times, at times accompanied by the piano of her mother, a story she shares here.


Memory Suitcase: Unity in the hat

A bit of uniforms here, a pinch of ideology there and abracadabra – that’s how youngsters are often charmed into a common ideology. Tamara from Slovenia shares the story of a pioneer's hat.

“The Relations Between Ordinary People Matter More Than Political Decisions.” Anna from Russia About What Makes her Feel European

EUSTORY is not the ordinary type of project. What distinguishes its Academies from other seminars and history forums is the strong bond they create among participants from all ages and origins. EUSTORY is not only a plac... (more)