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YA Helsinki 2013

Day 6: You may not remain neutral

“Let’s imagine the German Emperor William the Second had been smart. If this had been the case at the beginning of the 20th century, Europe today would look very different.” This view was described to us by a... (more)

Day 5: Not-so-casual Friday

”President Ahtisaari is now going to come and meet you” was a sentence that made our hearts skip a beat or two today when we were visiting the office of the Crisis Management Initiative (CMI) in Helsinki. During the prec... (more)

Day 4: From zombies to national heroes

Today we kicked our morning off with energizers, as our trip to Ressu upper secondary wasn’t quite as dramatic as our bus ride to Tampere yesterday. After running around playing zombies and toilets for long enough ... (more)

Day 3: Tampere – in the garden of Death

Today’s word of the day… death! We visited a mass grave and places of execution as well as stared at the painting The Garden of Death by Hugo Simberg in Tampere Cathedral. To top it off, we even got a brush w... (more)

Day 2: Message from the grave

This morning the breakfast room of the Suomenlinna hostel was filled with 28 more or less tired faces. Some of us had stayed up late celebrating the birthdays of two of our participants, while some of us watched as the n... (more)

Day 1: Fish hooks, stockings and champagne

Hyvää iltaa from Finland! We are Anna and Sofia, the two EUSTORY alumni that will be in charge of keeping you updated regarding the happenings at the Youth Academy currently taking place here in the historical hotspot of... (more)

Versatile interests, common expectations, room for discussions: On Sunday we start the seminar season 2013

On Sunday, Helsinki will get to welcome 24 young Europeans as its guests for one week. But who are these young people and what do they expect from their stay here? Geographically this group is wide spread, our participan... (more)