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It’s worth its weight in gold

Thursday started with a raining morning, but there was no time to think about how not to get wet. It was the day when we starting discovering different religious communities and overcoming some religious myths. Research ... (more)

Grazia Scuol… Your celebrities :-)

We all had a great time in Scuol and the other villages of the Lower  Engadine, like Ftan, Lavin, Vná, Tschlin and all the others. All the people were very open, friendly and hospitable. So we want to give Scuol a memory... (more)

Day 4: Another day of the Amazing Race*

The day started off with another tasty Swiss breakfast after which we returned to our workstation in Bad Scoul. There we got to taste the mineralwaters Scoul is famous for. Some of the waters, like the sulfur water Luciu... (more)

Day 3, part four: Let the history flow or how books came out from the fridge

All the other groups went to certain places, obviously connected in some way to agriculture, but the archive group, what should it expect? You can read some of their expectations and can also watch the documentary they p... (more)

Day 3, part three: Here you can see how the sausages live

Mare, Sofia, Slavomira and Flavio knew that they were in the Swiss mountains but it took them only a bus ride to the Scottish Highlands: “Our group of four visited the small village of Tschlin which is located fart... (more)

Day 3, part two: Vná, somewhere in the mountains…

If they thought that Ftan was small, Vná definitely topped that off: 60 inhabitans and more cows than people. But let us read what Dorotea, Lory, Ilmars, Martyna and Rebecca told us about their visit: “Our group vi... (more)

Day 3, part one: A miller’s tale

This day started really early with a bus trip to Ftán, a village high up in the mountains. We all visited two farms there, both doing ecological farming, and we got the chance of tasting bread and cheese. Afterwards we s... (more)

Our movies are online!

So here we go again: Our four movie productions from the Eustory Berlin Summer Academy- “Repression Has Many Faces”, “Falling Shadows”, “Two Sides Of One Story” and “Damaged Roll... (more)

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