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Day 4: Another day of the Amazing Race*

The day started off with another tasty Swiss breakfast after which we returned to our workstation in Bad Scoul. There we got to taste the mineralwaters Scoul is famous for. Some of the waters, like the sulfur water Lucius, was a bit too strong for most of us, but waters containing calcium and iron were immensly enjoyed.

New four groups were formed. The first group went to visit Ftan again and got to meet the local Wassermeister. In the evening, they presented others with what they had found out. (watch “Master of Water”)

The second group got to taste all the waters from the magic fountains in Scoul and later displayed us the special powers the magic water had granted them. (watch “if not tasty then healthy“)

The third group went out to explore fishing but instead learned how the water power plant affects the fish and the human population in the Engadine. All that without meeting any representatives of the fish population. (watch “The tale of the curly trout”)

The fourth group got to visit a bath house of former glory near Scoul, which is now functioning as an art gallery and an artist camp. The group also got to taste more of the highly vitalizing but even less tasteful Lucius water. They had more than one should have in a lifetime.Luckily, we get to sleep more tomorrow because drinking water can be more dangerous than you’d think.

* Milos from Serbia came to the thought that this academy is a lot like”The Amazing Race”, with us in teams and being given directions on where to go and what to do.