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Of Dogs, Virtual Discos and Civic Engagement. Young Europeans in Times of the Coronavirus Pandemic

­The coronavirus is everywhere: in the news, on social media, our personal communication and even in our thoughts. The increasingly high numbers of infected and dead people on the news frighten many of us as much as the lockdown impacts our societies, social and economic live.

But this pandemic also brings solidarity and hope. We, the Editors’  Team of this Blog, looked in our home countries for moments of light and positivity. Join us to look in different corners of Europe for some optimism!

What are your light moments during this time?

We hope that you are all well and send best wishes from our corners of the world to yours!


Editors' Group 2020/21 during their annual workshop in Hamburg, 6-9 February.



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(1996) is a German Eustorian who has been doing his Bachelors in history and political science in Münster; after a year of internships he currently is a graduate student in Göttingen. He enjoys meeting new people, having discussions and fun together. Gregor is always delighted when he finds nice postcards in his letter box – they have got a place of honour in his room.

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