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Our Personal “Wind of Change”

In the course of the EUSTORY Next Generation Summit “change” was mostly discussed as political change. While conducting interviews with Summit participants from several countries, we found out that “change” has an individual meaning to each of them: From meeting new friends to accepting homosexual love or learning about and becoming active for the future of your country. Enjoy reading!

Infographic by the authors.

Another point of interest during the Summit were those historical changes, that we could not experience in person but that had far-reaching impact. Which changes are you particularly curious about? Which transition periods would you have liked to experience? We asked participants where they would like to have been during transitional events and collected their diverse thoughts in an animation. 


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This project was created by the Summit Reporters’ Team at the EUSTORY Next Generation Summit 2019 from 15 to 19 October 2019 in Berlin. It brought together 120 participants from Europe and beyond who worked together with experts from the fields of academia, journalism, education and arts to look at and figure out the chances and challenges connected to political transitions.

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