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Let’s get Started!

Each year, more than 10.000 young people from all over Europe examine and reflect aspects of their local history by taking part in one of the activities of the Körber Foundation and its partners in the field of history and civic education. 

With the Young History Forum we want to offer young Europeans involved in those activities a forum – to apply for seminars, workshops, history camps and projects, to contribute to the topics of the encounters by sharing relevant findings from the different countries and to stay in touch with the participants they have met on the spot. 

So, if you have been a part of the youth activities of the Körber Foundation, EUSTORY or their partner organization: please, feel invited to register and join the community. If you are eligible to become a participant of the youth activities that are offered under the umbrella of the Young History Forum: please, register and submit your application online at this platform. 

Selected entries from the platform as well as workshop results will be presented here at the frontpage on an irregular basis, presenting voices from young Europeans who brought history to life and turned historical examination into an adventure. We hope for vivid and challenging contributions.

Photo: David Ausserhofer

Photo: David Ausserhofer