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Welcome to Estonia!

Writing this post as there’s just one more participant to arrive, one could say that the Tallinn 2012 academy is already a success  – it’s day one and people are dancing after dinner. Well how could you resist if there’s live music (Estonian version of Country from a Lady with a very sparkly outfit) in the wonderful restaurant you’re having dinner at.

It’s been a long day of arrivals, everybody’s here safe and sound, settled at the hostel. For me personally, it meant five trips to the airport and countless minutes of hearing the rattle of suitcase wheels on the cobblestones of the Old Town behind me. We are staying at the very heart of Medieval Tallinn and rest assured, all the young Eustoryans will get a wonderful experience of this old Hanseatic city.

I am truly excited to be a part of the Eustory experience again, this time as the local alumni teamer and from what I’ve seen so far, I dare say that we have an educating, interesting, hardworking and fun week ahead of us!

Stay tuned!

Mare Heinluht