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30 Years After

Midlife crisis of memories? Not at all! Here we look at events dating back 30 years. Often, they become subject to contestation and negotiation about how to remember them individually and in public.

Where Were You When… The Transition of 1989 Took Place in Europe?

Where were you when the transition took place in Europe in 1989? Trixi from Germany spoke to four EUSTORY organisers who share their personal stories of how they experienced the transition.

“People Were Afraid to Shake our Hands”

What does the tragic accident of Chernobyl still means for us today? Elena takes a deeper look into the current impact.

The Shadow of Chernobyl in Ukraine – From Secrets to Facts

After 30 years still, the tragedy of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant shows an impact throughtout the decades.

Tents, Silence and Orange Masks – the Memories of a Chernobyl Liquidator

Thousand of men were conscripted into the Chernobyl area to “liquidate” the released radiation. Vsevolod was one of them and remembers.

The Chernobyl Bird / A Live-Tweet of a Nuclear Disaster

If the Chernobyl Catastrophe happend today - this is how we imagine a Twitter-feed might look like.