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EUSTORY Summit 2017 Workshop Results

Childhood Stories of Forced Migration: Politically Shaped Biographies on Stage

Europe can tell many stories of persecution, escape and internment – in the present and in the past. But imagine what would happen if a boy who was deported and interned by the Nazis met a young refugee arriving in Europ... (more)

Europe on Display: Build your House of European History

How does Europe’s diverse past fit into one single museum and which are the main processes and phenomena that have united and divided Europeans through time? How does memory shape different visions of the past? And what ... (more)

Resist Violence: An Artistic Journey through Past and Present Europe

Populist nationalisms, resentments, hate and violence: The future of Europe appears fragile and precarious. But how are young people personally affected by this harsh climate of crisis? Were they ever faced with experien... (more)

Fake or Real? The Media in the Era of ›Post Truth‹

Participants of the Workshop "Fake or Real?" explore media in the era of ›post truth‹ and trained to critically approach past and present ›fake news‹.

Analysing Populism: Against Radicalisation in Contemporary Europe

Right-wing populism is omnipresent in Europe. What does it have to do with history? And what possible responses to its radical language may we provide? Participants of the Workshop "Analysing Populism" share their views.

Legacies of the Russian Revolution: Explore the Revolutionary Heritage of Europe

In 2017, the Russian Revolution comes to its centenary and many spotlights all over Europe are set on its remembrance. The movement aimed at renewing the Russian society, but gained importance far beyond. What impact did... (more)