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Religion, State and I

Some people fold their hands when praying. Others do not pray at all. But how important is religion in your daily life or in your country’s public life? Do you see it as a source of hope or as the root of conflicts? Many European countries face challenges concerning their relationship to diverse religious communities.Religion, State and I offers a personal insight into the role of religion for young people and their countries. We want to share personal testimonials from a generation whose thoughts are often not mirrored in national or international media to create a better understanding of the incredibly diverse religious and non-religious landscape of Europe.  

Between Jewish Traditions and Liberal Democracy: The Israeli Dilemma

Israel is defined as a “Jewish and Democratic State”. What does that mean for people’s everyday life? Tzivia shares her perspective on the triangular relationship between society, institutionalized religion and personal belief in Israel and gives an insight into the tensions between ideas and values of a modern liberal democracy and religious traditions.

Churches in Germany: From Absence to Presence?

Germany is not a religious state. It does not have a state religion or state church. The number of registered church member is declining year by year. But which role do the churches play in public discussions? What does being practitioner of a religion mean for a young German and where to find interactions? Gregor shares his perspective on the triangular relationship between policy, churches and p...