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Why do you want to represent the next generation?

This content was developed during a workshop at the EUSTORY Next Generation Summit 2017 from 6 to 10 October 2017 in Berlin. It brought together 100 participants from Europe and beyond who worked together with experts from the fields of academia, journalism, education and arts to explore, analyse, discuss different historical topics and highlighte their relevance for a changing Europe today.


“I represent the new generation as I like to be involved in social issues and fight for rights in order to make the world a better place to live. I think the new generation is the one that will make the world more free and kind by means of social participation, transparency and an open mind.“

Summit participant Yolanda from Spain

“Not pursuing your dreams is unfair to those who cannot pursue their dreams. I live in a democracy where I was raised with the opportunity to raise my voice as a tool to change the world. Not everyone has this opportunity. Looking at North Korea or other states it’s just not fair to not take this chance we have.”

Summit participant Anders from Denmark

“I decided to be part of the next generation because I want to meet new people working on different projects and want to collaborate with them. This brings new horizons so we can gain knowledge from each other. Meeting in real life and exchanging experiences makes it possible not to jump to conclusions from nebulous media information.“

Summit participant Anna from Russia

“What is important to me is having a voice. I appreciate the debates we have while trying to learn from the past to shape the world’s future.“

Summit participant Osian from Wales