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#CallBulgaria: Backwards to the Future or On the Train of Unkept Promises

Written by Yavor
Yavor was born in 1998 in Bulgaria and studies English and German in a high school (Aprilov National High school - opened in 1835). Next year he is going to the university where he wants to study International Relations. Yavor is interested in politics, history, EU, he is a book worm, listens to classical music and wants to travel all around Europe.

On 26th March Bulgarians are electing their parlament members. Convened  earlier than originally scheduled, as a consequence of the prime-minister Boyko Borisov’s resignation, the elections are preceded by a campaign that has turned into a real political battle between the major parties in Bulgaria. As an addition, a quite controversial businessman, Veselin Mareshki, whom The New York Times compared to Trump for his provocative statements and intentions for a complete change of the political situation, is also entering the race for Parliament with his party “VOLYA” (WILL). Whether the candidates’ promises are real or just a way to become members of the next Parliament, has to be seen after the elections.

What do young people think and expect from it? I asked Ana Maria, Yoan and Maria about the elections and their point of view of the political state in Bulgaria.


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