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I did not see that coming!

The last working day in Madrid was so full of summing up and putting together all the elements of the program that it is on me to write this post. The other missing posts will be published later.

The Saturday started with a short presentation of the interviews from the day before, since there were two people interviewed by different groups. After that warm-up all participants started into the last day’s marathon of work. First everyone contributed with an article to the exile magazine “el exilio”. You will find it published here soon.

Exile – The final act

The others split into groups to prepare presentations that show the variety of stories we heard and the facets of the topic “exile”. On top of the magazine, a report and a presentation of the highlights of the week we also got the chance to see a drama, that united the antic idea of exile with modern elements. The swimming pool was also part of the scenery, all accompanied by mystique flute music.

After that presentation all deserved a glass of organizer’s made sangria to complete this exciting week.

Thank you, Germán, for your great help with everything and thank you Alina, Aliya, Carsten, Ida, Jasmin, Jelena, Kalina, Katharina, Laura, Lorenz, Mare, Marica, Marta, Martyna, Ondrej, Roksolana, Sofia, Tamara, Vlad and Vojta for your constant motivation to work under hard climate conditions, resisting the tempting swimming pool.  And thanks to EUSTORY, the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Ronda and CEU San Pablo who made it all possible.

It was a great week.