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Time to move some boundaries!

After many new impressions that we had gained the previous days, Friday was our chance to present the new knowledge in a special virtual laboratory. We spent the whole day in the National History Museum of Plovdiv, where the atmosphere became really creative and everybody was activelly involved in achieving our main goal. With a bit of technical help  the participants created a virtual world where all four religions – Christian Orthodox,  Muslim, Armenian and Jewish – exist together as equals. Of course we realize that this is only the beginning of a long term discussion. We also know that much more work is supposed to be done on the way of achieving our purpose – informing young Europeans and helping them get access to the rich variety of religions in the Balkans.

We will be happy if what we have done so far will attract your attention. Here you can visit our Virtual Museum, please click on the Laboratory section, where our work is visible.  This work is far from finished with only one day project , everyone is invited to research about the situation of different religious communities and contribute to the laboratory. We just layed the first bricks of the foundation…