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There are mountains at the end of the tunnel…

The evening before, we were told that they start serving breakfast at 6.30 and that we have to get going at 8.15. Jane:”So I set my alarm to 6.30 just to have a shower before everyone else does. It turned out I wasn’t the only one thinking that, so I still had to wait for 15 minutes to finally have my refreshing shower.”  After waking up with the help of a cold shower we got dressed and headed downstairs where all of us had breakfast – sandwiches, Kellogs, muesli etc.. just as usual. We were also given our lunch bags because the train trip to Scoul was quite long. When everybody was done with their breakfast we took our luggage and headed to the train station where we had a bit of free time to look around.

We sat on the train and knew that we had to switch to the next in 1,5 hours. It was very crowded and we didn’t have enough space but we could chat with each other all the way while admiring the magnificent  view. For example Jane took about 100 pictures only of the mountains: “Too hard to keep my hands away from the camera. It’s like I’m taking one pic and then I see another big snowy mountain and I’m like ‘Where’s my camera ???’ ”

We got to Scuol at about 12.30 and we headed for the Youth Hostel. We dropped off our luggage and we went to Bad Scuol where we met our guide who showed us the city and told us many interesting things about the past and the present of Scuol. We also went to a museum where we understood how different life in mountains is in comparison to the way of life where we come from.

Milos and Germán getting a taste of health

We also got to taste the mineral water which Scuol is famous for. After a little tour in the city we returned to our working place where we got to know each other better, introduced our competition entries and also discussed what we are hoping to experience during this academy.

We ended our working day with an energizing game and headed back to the hostel to have dinner which was lovely. Even our vegetarians weren’t left hungry. After dinner, some of us went to explore the city life. Scuol is a lovely place with very friendly people. Mare:”Every time I look out of the window I’m stunned by the picturesque view. It looks like a big postcard on the wall. ” After our second day here we can only imagine, how hard it will be to leave this wonderful place.

Jane Tóevere and Mare Heinluht from Estonia