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Let’s Forward International Understanding

Diversity Training

Which origins and which effects do prejudices have? Why should we deal with our cultural identity? And what does diversity mean in practise? 

In this 4-week online activity – forming part of the digital programme “Let’s ConnAct! Bonding Across Borders” – it was all about culture, communication and confrontation: By using interactive and experiential methods in the digital space, participants from all over Europe dealt with chances and challenges of diversity in a globalised world. In a constant exchange within the international group, own stereotypes became tangible, unconscious, pre-conditioned privileges came to light and personal, as well as cultural identities were reflected upon.

Leaving their comfort zone by confronting with and looking at the impact of own thought patterns, the use of language and personal behaviour raised the participants’ awareness of how to avoid (in-)visible discrimination in everyday life. Together, the young Europeans developed a toolkit to strengthen international understanding – get some insights in their experience and learnings below!

Participants’ Voices


Anna Lisanne, Germany


Sheenagh, Ireland

Participants' Goals

For the participants, the diversity training provided food for thought. Hover on the boxes to see which personal goals they take with them.


“To get more comfortable giving constructive criticism to someone with different identity factors”



“To begin monitoring the environment around me for multicultural views and speak up if they are lacking.”



“To reduce my own discriminatory language”



“To confront people actively if they are discriminatory”



“To have more self-awareness and therefore be able to determine whether I am combatting or perpetuating racism in our society.”



“To make more use of information given by and thought by people of that background on how they wish to be treated”



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