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Let’s ConnAct! Bonding Across Borders

EUSTORY Youth Activities 2022 Workshop Programme

5 October – 3 November 2022

Let's ConnAct! Bonding Across Borders

An international and intercultural experience that you won’t forget: This October, EUSTORY awaits you!

During a 4-week workshop-programme you can experience international collaboration and intercultural encounters with peers from all over Europe first-hand.

Join our digital programme Let’s ConnAct! Bonding Across Borders: Exchange perspectives on history, discuss how to cope with difficult pasts, reflect upon own perceptions of the present, and develop ideas for a more peaceful future together! Dive into an international EUSTORY experience, gain intercultural competences – and make new friends from all over Europe and beyond.

3 Workshops – You Have The Choice!

1. Let’s Talk About Europe – European HomeParliaments

Europe on The Next Level: Do we Need Deeper Cultural and Political Integration? Could a joint European holiday bring us closer together? Should history education in Europe’s classrooms go beyond national narratives? And does the current situation require a faster EU enlargement for countries with candidate status?

Take the chance to discuss these questions in your own HomeParliament! While we provide you with the necessary training and material, you choose the people, place and date to start your debate. Invite your friends, neighbours, and family to a face-to-face meeting in a bar or at home, or host a digital talk with peers from abroad. Discussion results from your and all further HomeParliaments will be evaluated, shared and discussed with high-level decision makers – so bring in your perspective and let your arguments count!

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2. Let’s Negotiate Justice – A Simulation Game on Transitional Justice

How to cope with a dark chapter of the past? What does “justice” mean when it comes to forms of commemoration? Can human rights violations ever be compensated at all?

Find your answers in this simulation game! Dive into the fictional state of Carilia and become member of a delegation to negotiate peace and reconciliation with your peers. What it’s all about: The state of Carilia is struggling to come to terms with its totalitarian past. The new government, including members of the former regime, as well as its freely elected opposition, has called for a panel to decide on mechanisms to constructively and fairly deal with the difficult past. Not an easy task as different actors have manifold interests…

Take on a role and dare the debate! In multiple conference sessions as well as individual group tasks, you discuss your ideas for reconciliation with your delegation and negotiate them with the panel. Is an agreement possible to pave the way for a peaceful future of Carilia..?

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3. Let’s Forward International Understanding – Diversity Training

Which origins and which effects do prejudices have? Why should we deal with our cultural identity? And what does diversity mean in practise?

Share your experiences with peers from Europe and beyond! In this diversity training, it’s all about culture, confrontation and communication: By using interactive and experiential methods, you will not only uncover your own stereotypes and explore its historical roots. Together with the other participants, you will practise active listening skills, reflect on your personal and cultural identities – and develop a toolkit for international dialogue.

Join this eye-opening experience and discover the potential of diversity!

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