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“What happens during a EUSTORY Summit stays at the EUSTORY Summit”? Take a look behind the scenes to see what we are working on during events and workshops.

Third time lucky: Day 3 in Berlin from a Belgian perspective

Personating a broken toaster, James Bond, a mixer or an island may not seem like the most obvious beginning of the day, but here in Berlin it’s starting to feel familiar! What seemed to become a very peaceful and quiet Sunday, turned out to be a day full of heavy discussion, finished by a lovely concert in the nearby church. After our slightly funny warm-up, we began the day with a panel dis...

The Eustory experience continues: Day 2 in Berlin

The amazing David Hasselhoff couldn’t have been more proud today to hear he’s still so popular in the streets of Berlin. What started off as a regular day in the German capital for its four million inhabitants, turned out be one hell of an experience for basically every of the twenty-five Eustorians, one by one the best in what they do in their own country. After an early-morning run for myself an...

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