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“They all Fell, one After the Other”: Interview With Prof. Lucian Boia

Finding Personal Relevance in the Centenary of World War One “It is always easier to understand a historical event if you try to find a personal connection to it. When thinking about the century that passed since W... (more)

Between Propaganda and Historical Truth

  You can tell that the 100th anniversary of World War One (WWI) is approaching by observing the growing number of recent publications on the topic or by following the numerous debates about the reasons for the outb... (more)

Let’s get Started!

Each year, more than 10.000 young people from all over Europe examine and reflect aspects of their local history by taking part in one of the activities of the Körber Foundation and its partners in the field of history a... (more)

Europe 14/14

History matters – especially this year! The 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I and respective collective memories are not just visible in TV documentaries, exhibitions and theater plays but will be ce... (more)

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