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Desire for Freedom

Europe, do you feel free?

In preparation of the workshop in Berlin our 15 participants conducted a survey within their countries in order to find out, what freedom means for their peers/families and how they assess the situation concerning freedo... (more)

Freedom in Europe: Equal opportunities?

During the workshop ‘Desire for Freedom’ Mare from Estonia conducted an interview with Sofia (Finland), Sławomir (Poland) and Darya (Belarus) How do you feel about the situation of freedom in your country? Ho... (more)

“Pasta for the Poor” – Experiencing inequality

A simulation seemed to be the best way for our Eustorians to experience the situation of inequality during the seminar in Berlin. With pasta as money and socks and tape and socks to create different starting chances for ... (more)

Freedom of Interpretation

While working with the exhibition ‘Desire for Freedom’, our participants were confronted with the fact, that we were not allowed to take pictures of the art and display them here. They found another way of vi... (more)

The Desire for Freedom

After only four days of intense working in Berlin on the topic of freedom, our 15 Eustorians produced an impressive ‘piece of art’, a blog consisting of many different pieces. We will are going to publish par... (more)