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My Personal Symbol of Adolescence

Yellow promotional cup of our Editor.

Do you know the feeling of nostalgia that overwhelms you when some kind of forgotten and seemingly ordinary thing gets into your hands? An old photo, a children’s toy or a banal cup. It is important that it is a symbol of something special in our lives. This happened to our editor Taras, in whose life an unexpected silent companion turned up in a time of transition.

Yellow promotional cup of our Editor.

Yellow promotional cup of our Editor. (Photo: Taras)

At the end of summer of 2013, I had to choose my path of life after completing my university studies. My heart called me back to Lviv, the city I really liked. Although I neither had a job nor a place to stay, I still needed to prepare for the admission to postgraduate studies. At that time, I was invited to a job interview for the administration of an Internet café – and I left my small town towards a dream. 

Within a few weeks I was looking for a new flat, while temporarily living in the apartments of friends and sleeping on the floor. I worked hard in two jobs at the same time (as administrator and head of the children’s circle of local history) and used the rare moments of rest during night shifts to prepare for the entrance examinations for postgraduate studies.

Turning a Gloomy Day Bright

On October, 1st I moved into my new apartment together with two friends. Relatively high living expenses, a tiny salary and a tedious schedule were nothing compared to the understanding that my dream gradually became reality. And then this cup appeared in my life. A yellow promotional cup from the brand “Lipton”, came out of nothing.

When I bought it as one of the first things with the first salary of my life, I did not imagine that it would become something that special in my life, something that would accompany me during all the following years. That it would grow into an inevitable attribute of my morning routine: waking up at 5:30 a.m., the cup, filled with fragrant coffee, always helped me to cheer up. This routine was often accompanied by music and radio news from “Rock FM”, the radio station that traditionally sounded in my kitchen. A thing that transformed even a gloomy rainy dawn into a fairy tale, when you understand that the whole city, except for a a few people like you, is sleeping and time seemed to be frozen.

This cup, that will be close to me during the changes in housing, successful postgraduate studies and professional growth in the desired areas will also become the silent friend in minutes of despair as well as during moments of triumph. It will always return me to the mystery of those mornings. A cup that has become a symbol of my adolescence.