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HistoryCampus – workshop progress report

workshop Thinking in Pictures
HistoryCampus in Berlin | Busy workshop members

Day 2: Members of the HistoryCampus workshop "Thinking in Pictures" finished their storyboard (you see it on the table) and they are busy turning their storyboard into a script for the animated video. This group's video will be about the impact of World War One on every day life at home and they are currently looking for photos and sounds to illustrate their story.

"The atmosphere is very focused", says workshop leader Janosch Delcker. "They came in early today, half an hour before the other workshops started." Tina Gotthardt, the second workshop leader is confident that participants will finish their scripts today so they can start filming first thing in the morning. "We are on a very tight schedule but participants have come up with amazing results so far so I am confident that they will manage".