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New Alumni Seminar is coming up…

Follow us here from July 24 to July 31.

20 students from 17 countries will meet in Madrid to discuss the topic of “Exile” together.

The seminar is organized by the Real Maestranza de Ronda in Cooperation with CEU SAN PABLO and EUSTORY.

Througout the twentieth century Spain has witnessed a variety of exiles. During the 1930’s and 1940’s hundreds of thousands fled the country whilst thousands entered in search of refuge. During the Cold War, Spain became home to many from Eastern Europe. Since be-coming a democracy in the 1970’s Spain became a destiny for exiles from intolerant gov-ernments and dictatorships, principally in Latin America. In the 21st century, right after the century of exile, 20 young Europeans will meet in Madrid to explore the phenomenon of exile in Europe today. They will discover more about the reasons to go into an exile, attempt to profile and define the exile; examine differences in legal status and legal recognition depending on each country and visit different associations that deal with exiles and communication within exile communities. Experienced scientists will provide the historical and theoretical background; exercises about identity will help to discover the different dimensions of the topic. Before coming to Madrid the students will research an exile story from their country and all of them will present and discuss them, trying to find similarities or differences.
For their final presentation the participants will work together reflecting how they have widened and deepened their understanding and knowledge of the phenomenon of exile to-day; including all the elements from the week using multi-media.