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“Only the peak of the iceberg” – visiting the mosque

The last, but not least group spent the morning researching the Muslim community:

“Today (even if it was a rainy day) was a special one for us concerning the topic religion, taking into account that we all belong to religious communities different from the one we had the occasion to “discover”: the Muslim community. The person who helped us finding out more about Islam was Kemal Rashid. What did we want to know? What did we actually get? Some of us do not feel we really received all the information we wanted because of the lack of time of our interviewee. We had the occasion to understand Islam better and that was what we actually wanted. Now we know that the word “Islam”  refers to brotherhood, love and peace, we know that Muslims have to wash their feet and hands in order to be clean physically and mentally when they pray to Allah. We also found out that this religious community was persecuted by the communist regime like all the others religious communities in Bulgaria and we also understood that there are not only examples of conflicts between different religious communities but also some other positive ones of coexistence. We couldn’t say more than: we are thankful for this new experience!”