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Regionaleye – Photos

The main motive/inspiration of work of the photographic group was the multicultural history of Warmia and Mazury and the phenomenons of the existence or not of the regional identity of its citizens. During the workshops and the lectures the participants worked out the main topics concerned with the idea of regional identity. Then, using various electronic devices (cameras, tablets, smartphones) the participants were doing personal research for the phenomenons, responsible for creating the regional identity. The collected material became the base to the further reflection and discussion inside the group. The final task of each participant was to choose one picture made by himself/herself which in his/her opinion was the best representation of the Warmian-Mazurian regional identity. The photo had to be supplemented by the written personal reflection.

The Baltic Sea Youth Dialogue is a project initiated and financed by Körber-Stiftung and the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS), with additional funding from EUSBSR.

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