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The “Re-Unification” Belt. When Human Solidarity Overcomes Military Division

Remembering World War II is difficult in many countries. In Italy, however, the narration of “us” against “them” is even more difficult, since the country was not occupied by enemies, but Benito Mussolini was a strong al... (more)

The Personal Side of History – Meeting with Lev Alexandrovic Netto

Imprisoned thrice - German Camp, Soviet Gulag, and silenced thereafter - Lev Alexandrovic Netto recounted his personal history to the European Youth.

Auschwitz and me – Insights From an International Youth Encounter

About 80 young people from Germany and around travelled to Auschwitz for an international youth encounter organised by the German Bundestag (Parliament). Back home, Julia (18) reflects on what history can teach us.