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EUSTORY Summit 2017

Re:member Europe

October 6 – 10, Berlin

The fate of Europe in past, present and future is what more than 100 young Europeans from 30 countries discussed at the EUSTORY Next Generation Summit 2017 in Berlin. Together with experts from the fields of academia, journalism, education and arts they explored, analysed, discussed and even staged different historical topics and highlighted their relevance for a changing Europe today.



We have accompanied three participants through the EUSTORY Summit 2017. See and hear how Anna-Maria from Romania, Elena from Russia and Leonardo from Italy experienced the event in Berlin:

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Workshop Documentation

Analysing Populism

Against Radicalisation in Contemporary Europe

Partner: Kultura Liberalna

Legacies of the Russian Revolution

Explore the Revolutionary Heritage of Europe

Partner: MEMORIAL Society Moscow

Resist Violence

An Artistic Journey through Past and Present Europe

Partner: Marc Sinan Company

Europe on Display

Build your House of European History

Partner: House of European History

Childhood Stories of Forced Migration

Politically Shaped Biographies on Stage

Partner: Vajswerk Recherchetheater Berlin

Fake or Real?

The Media in the Era of ›Post Truth‹

Partner: History Campus

Articles on the EUSTORY Next Generation Summit 2017


I enjoyed my workshop, because we work in groups and discuss a lot. Populism is a topic of history, but also of the present as you can see in the elections nowadays.

Debate: European crisis as a misperception?

“I sensed a shared concern for maintaining European peace order and a commonly held aspiration to address the populism, nationalism, illiberalism, radicalism that we have in Europe”, said Franck Düvel...

Participant Quote

I strongly believe that we need to take a look at history because nothing simply happens, there is a story and a bigger context behind everything.

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