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Living on the Edge? Independent Journalism in Hungary

The History Camp season starts again, this with the first ever camp that takes place in three different countries: Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland. Budapest is only the first stop on our tour through the Visegrad countries, but the participants of our History Camp jumped right in.

Our aspiring journalists from from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Israel, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Russia, Ukraine and Wales met two journalists from two independent online media outlets already on their first day.


Gábor Miklós

First up was Gábor Miklósi from index.hu, one of the leading Hungarian language internet portals. We got to visit him in the editorial office and the participants had the chance to ask him about challenges his magazine faces when writing critical articles about the government, the everyday life of a journalist and his motivation to become a journalist. He also gave them an insight into the current debate around an upcoming referendum about taking in refugees. A short report about this visit written by three participants will be published soon. On the way back there was only time for a quick group photo shot before climbing up the hill again to the European Youth Center.

András Pethő

András Pethő

Next up was András Pethő from direkt36. Direkt36 is a platform for investigative journalism and they are publishing both in English and Hungarian. They don’t publish on a daily basis and focus on investigating stories around corruption. They have been the only Hungarian media outlet publishing about the Panama Papers and work in cooperation with other international networks for investigative journalism.

This was only the first part of an intense day, second part follows soon, including some video clips!