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Editors Workshop 2015

The editorial team

Our Editors’ Group 2015: The group met for the first time in Hamburg to discuss the publishing agenda for the EUSTORY History Campus Blog.

(*1990) comes from Slovenia. She finished her bachelor in International relations and is currently doing her master in Management. To balance the more theoretical part she fills her free time with drawing, creating with wood and travelling.
»Editorial work on the History Campus has been an author-hunting, paragraph-transforming, educational and rewarding adventure, consisting of perspective-broadening stories, interesting people and hilariously-serious and extremely productive editorial meetings.«

(*1996) is a German Eustorian who is studying history and political science in Münster, a city in western Germany. He enjoys meeting new people, having discussions and fun together. He is always delighted when he finds nice postcards in his letter box – they have got a place of honour in his room.
»Even if video-conferences are always a technical challenge, working and laughing with this amazing editors’ team and authors from all over Europe made me addicted.«

(*1991) is a Finnish Eustorian who is currently working as a journalist in the city of Joensuu in Eastern Finland. She studied European Law and graduated in 2014. Her life would be empty without travelling, coffee, dogs and – most importantly – amazing European friends.
»Working as an editor has been rewarding and frustrating at the same time: frustrating when you are trying to stay in touch with people living on different sides of Europe and rewarding when you get to work with an enthusiastic writer and see the final result published.«

was born in the South of Serbia in 1989, but his life is stretched between Belgrade and Paris. Stories, languages and travels are his passions. He is a byzantinist, an aspiring writer and wannabe cook and i
f he could, he would live in a movie theatre.
»Working as an editor on HC was like feeling the pulse of Europe and rafting down its bloodstream.«