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1 Home During Crisis

Stories of Losing, Leaving and Finding a Home

How does a crisis affect our home? The corona virus showed how an outbreak of a disease in one part of the world affects the whole planet and it also changed our perception of what our own home is. Is it a safe space or a prison?

This question does not merely concern the Corona pandemic –  during all times, humanity always had to deal with crises that endangered our homes.

In this workspace, we will use multimedia storytelling to look at what kind of crises families, individuals, regions or countries have experienced in the past. We will collect stories of losing, leaving and finding homes, stories about the relationship between our physical and emotional home or the relationship between places, objects and memories. By using different journalistic skills and formats, we will create a mosaic of what home represents during different crises.

Workshop Moderators
Deana Mrkaja (Journalist and Futurologist)

Photo: Private

Image Credits: Collage based on photo by Tobias on Unsplash (https://unsplash.com/photos/CyX3ZAti5DA)