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3 Hope in Difficult Times

How to Cope with Crises?

Every crisis affects the lives of individuals, in some cases it can even change an entire life. We want to explore how people deal with these changes. You will get the chance to interview people in your family or hometown, to accompany them, and investigate how they coped during a crisis: How did they find strength and what gave them hope? What helped them to go on or make a fresh start? And how can we learn from these experiences?
We will collect stories of resilience of individuals and groups, in the past and today.
Using the approach of constructive journalism, we focus on recognizing the potential for sharing and discussing of ideas and strategies for positively influencing our societies. We will create multimedia stories with photos, videos, audios, text, or graphics to capture the variety of experiences and combine them into a display of strength, resilience and innovation.

Workshop Moderators
Nea Matzen (Journalist)

Photo: Private

Image Credits: Collage based on Photo by OpenClipart-Vectors on Pixabay (https://pixabay.com/de/vectors/schwarzes-loch-strudel-buch-wissen-151607/)