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2 Childhood During Crisis

Growing up in Difficult Times

Do you remember toys or objects from your childhood, which remind you of a particular time growing up? These childhood memories often shape and influence our thinking and behaviour for the rest of our lives. During crises, children often belong to the most vulnerable group and can experience long-term impact lasting into their adult lives. But too often, the voices of the young remain unheard and their needs are not taken into consideration.

In this workspace we want to focus on children’s stories: What does it mean to grow up in difficult times? How does the relationship between adults and children change when times get rough? How do adults remember their own childhood during crises? Together we want to listen closely to the stories of children from your family or region, who grew up or are growing up during times of crisis. You will collect objects telling their stories and create a virtual exhibition in cooperation with the War Childhood Museum in Sarajevo.

Workshop Moderators
Team of the War Childhood Museum, Sarajevo

Photo: Private

Image Credits: Körber-Stiftung/David Ausserhofer