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@work Day 2: Homeland reconsidered

From 2 to 9 September 2015 fifty young Europeans from 19 countries visit the Polish city of Olsztyn for the Second Baltic Sea Youth Dialogue. They research the multicultural history of the region and share their impressi... (more)

@work Day 1: When Nerds come to town

From today on we have every day new ‘guest bloggers’, who share their experience from our workshops, lectures, discussions. So today Ashley, Ghislaine and Andreyan will give insights into day1 of the Baltic S... (more)

@work: Arrival in Olsztyn

Tomorrow the Second Baltic Sea Youth Dialogue will start in Olsztyn, Poland and today is the day, when 50 participants from all over Europe arrive. Some of them already started their journey a day earlier and we asked th... (more)