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Travelling Europe – and Time: There and Back Again

Travelling five different European countries within two weeks? Here we go - Anna shares her impressions of the different places she went to.

Kings of war and Servants of Peace

  Hundreds of thousands of refugees have passed through Serbia this year. Two Serbian activists, the Kontrapress journalist Žarka Radoja (40) and the psychologist and therapist Ana Perović (27) tell about their first-han... (more)

Jarosław Kaczyński, leader of the right-wing populist party “Law and Justice”

Memory Suitcase: What a Japanese Hairpin has Taught Me

When Varenka first opened the elegant box, she didn't imagine how the object inside could change her understanding of personal connections.

@work: We are the 2nd Baltic Sea Youth Dialogue

During the Second Baltic Sea Youth Dialogue, 50 participants from all over Europe gathered to discuss multicultural histories.

Europe and Democracy

What is the price of democracy and who has to pay it? Is the EU an economic union or a physiological unity? After the Greek referendum Milan from Serbia shares his considerations on democracy. 

Of People and Identities

Martin is from Bulgaria, but for more than nine months he has been studying and living in Singapore and reflects on his own identity abroad.

Out of Europe

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself", David Mitchell said. Do we need to get out of our house to find one's own European identity?

Identity – the Magic Word of our Days?

The Balticeye-exhibition displays visual impressions by young Europeans on history and identity. One participant, Maria Zatoplyaeva from Kaliningrad explains why European identity is diverse.

Versatile interests, common expectations, room for discussions: On Sunday we start the seminar season 2013

On Sunday, Helsinki will get to welcome 24 young Europeans as its guests for one week. But who are these young people and what do they expect from their stay here? Geographically this group is wide spread, our participan... (more)

“EUSTORY gave me extra motivation for my further development in the future.”

Name: Vaya Age: 23 Hometown: Pleven Country: Bulgaria EUSTORY experiences: Youth Academy in Switzerland 2008, Youth Academy in Bulgaria 2010 Actual occupation/studies: Studies Accounting and Finances at the University of... (more)

Europe, do you feel free?

In preparation of the workshop in Berlin our 15 participants conducted a survey within their countries in order to find out, what freedom means for their peers/families and how they assess the situation concerning freedo... (more)

Aequis Libertas: Or what young Europeans think about democracy

One of the results of the seminar about populism and challenges to democracy was the seminar magazine: Aequis Libertas Other results will soon follow!