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English first? Observations on Language Choice While Abroad

How do we communicate when we’re abroad? Which language(s) do we chose to speak during international workshops, conferences, trainings or when volunteering? Our author Hanna from Belarus reflects on why she prefers to use English even when Russian might be a simpler choice at a first glance. In our globalized world, people from different countries meet in all sections of life, be it culture, educa...

One Telegram, six Words, Thirty-five Letters

Do you know the feeling of being able to hold the reason why you live actually in your hands? Neasa does and tells us the story of a telegram and her reunited family without which she wouldn’t be alive. The original copy of an old German telegram dating from 1958 is among the objects of highest sentimental value for me and my family. This item was hidden between the pages of an old log journ...

Christmas Scents and Aromas: Warm Memories for Cold Winter Days

Is there a better wrap up of the year than a very special memory suitcase filled with heartwarming holiday stories and recipes? If you are looking for the Christmas recipes to make your holiday sparkle we got you covered with with some traditional sweet treats and a special salty "lucky" recipe. You only need to roll up the sleeves and test your baking skills!

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