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The Language of Democracy

4 September – 30 October 2021

How to deal with conflicts resulting from different perceptions of the past and present? How can we move forward in the midst of diverse and sometimes even contradictory perspectives on history, politics, society, religion or culture?

Photo: Musik Brichta, Creative Commons share alike attribution 4.0

The digital programme “The Language of Democracy”, which uses the educational method of Betzavta, offers a space for young Europeans to experience conflictual situations within a group and learn to democratically cope with dissent. Taking history as a starting point, and by engaging with different perspectives on specific intercultural conflicts, participants aged 16 to 21 will become aware of their habitual beliefs and stumble across own assumptions and hidden stereotypes.

During the 8-week online youth activity, they will confront dilemmas and examine own internal conflicts, along with the perceptions and emotions of their peers coming from 10 different countries. This transforms into fruitful components for intercultural communication. By constantly reflecting on group dynamics and personal behaviour, frictions are brought to light – and taken as a chance to become a driver for understanding the other transform individual perspectives.


Tali Padan, Denmark
Florian Wenzel, Germany


4 September to 30 October 2021
(8 sessions of 2-3 hours on Saturdays)


20 participants aged 16-21 years



Final Product

Reflections in different creative formats (e.g. in written form, as video, photograph etc.)

In cooperation with

This digital programme will use elements of an educational training method called »Betzavta« (Hebrew for »togetherness«), which was developed by the Adam Institute in Israel. It aims at bringing to light dilemmas and conflicts, both in society and in oneself, in order to find ways of democratically and peacefully coping with conflictual situations and multiperspectivity.